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South American Hell (Working Title) - First Pictures!

Whilst it has been over two years since I last updated this blog I have not been sitting idle. Oh no, having just returned from 3 months in South America, working on a project about the madcap world of the Underground music scene, I'm finally in a position to resume work in London.

To see more of my recent corporate and journalistic work please head to

If you want to see some teaser footage from the documentary head over here.

And finally an archive of blogs completed during our time on the road can be found on the Zero Tolerance website here.

Here are a set of 1st draft portraits from our time in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru...

Chachilla Cemetery, Peru.

The documentary crew (L-R) Alex De Moller, myself and Roland Cohen. Cemeterio Jardins Montesacro (the final resting place of Pablo Escobar).

Professor Soto. Quito, Ecuador.

Grimmorium Verrum and Lapida guitarist Atuk. Quito, Ecuador.

Soraiya Galvis Corbo, leading figure in the Colombian Conservative Party. Bogota, Colombia.

Eric Neyra, vocalist of Goat Semen and head of Austral Holocaust Productions. Lima, Peru.

Equidnos, vocalist and guitarist of Grimorium Verum, Sidiz amongst others. Quito, Ecuador.

(L-R) Ramon (Ex- Parabellum and Blasphemia voclist) Alex Okendo (Masacre vocalist) and Pioline (Reencarnacion vocalist). Medellin, Colombia.

Erna Von Der Walde, lecturer at Bogota University. Bogota, Colombia.

Ron King (Ex- Hadez vocalist) and Tonyn Destructor (Ex-Hadez and Anal Vomit drummer). Lima, Peru.

Igor Icaza, drummer of Ente. Quito, Ecuador.

Pioline, Reencarnacion vocalist and Professor of Philosophy. Medellin, Colombia.

Lucified, drummer of Grimorium Verum and Alcoholic Rites. Pictured at the equator, Ecuador.

Roman Gonzalez, star of Colombian reality TV, guitarist of Neus. Cemeterio Jardins Montesacro, Colombia.