Tuesday 8 September 2020

A truncated look back at what has been a truncated year.

Actor Brian Cox shot for Time Out Magazine.

Geoff Cudd, organiser behind London's first community owned pub, inspiring fella.

Craven Idol shot for their forthcoming album.

Souleyman Bah, sprinter, shot for Time Out Magazine.

Paul Oakenfold giving Features Editor Kate Loyd a DJ-ing tutorial, shot for Time Out Magazine - as yet unpublished.  

Hannah White, musician & founder of Sound Lounge, shot for Time Out Magazine.

King's College London "Change Makers" event, shot at City Hall, Tower Bridge - the last event held there before lockdown.

Sunday 15 March 2020

"Smiling is a Rebellion" - A Photo Tribute to Genesis P. Orridge

In November 2016 I had the great joy of photographing a hero of mine, the late great Genesis P. Orridge playing with Psychic TV. RIP.

Tuesday 28 May 2019

End Point Behind the Scenes

Earlier this year I spent a long, cold and hugely enjoyable day in Maidenhead doing behind the scenes photography for the short film End Point. It was part of the 24 hour Sci Fi Film Challenge in which the entire project must be shot, edited and delivered over the course of a weekend. The film was shortlisted and screened at the Picturehouse Stratford in May of this year, and is an astonishing achievement. Watch it here.

(PS: Director & Producer Raff Cortez & David Cohen won last year's competition outright with The Dreamsy, watch it here!)

Writer & Director Raff Cortez inspecting the day's props.

Producer & Director putting their backs into production... 
Director & Cinematographer Gerard Botha.

Stedicam Operator Dougal Wallace.